Thursday, 21 October 2010


Enslaved has been out for 2 weeks now!
I am glad we received very good comments about Enslaved Art, so I thought the best way to celebarate it was to open a personal blog based on my Art.
Enloy it!!


  1. I really love the mini artbook that comes with the collector's edition. Congrats !

  2. Cool Thanks! I haven't see it yet. In Uk is not gonna be puplished and the publisher haven't send it to me yet. I just wished It could be a biger book.

  3. @Alessandro Taini : Oh yay me too (& Monkey on a poster <3 ). If you want, i can take some pictures

  4. hey very nice work thanks a lot! yeah a bigger book would have been nice but we cant have everything. however i got a weird misprint i suppose in mine: Now rather than starting on page 1 it starts on page 33 and then progresses to the end page 40-odd. It then starts again this time from page 1 and proceeds to the end once again, so there is in fact EXTRA pages(duplicates) in the artbook! weird i know, i emailed ninja theory and namco to no response but there we go!