Thursday, 23 May 2013

Enslaved earlier Concept Art

I just open an old folder with some concept art I have made for Enslaved years a go, some of them I never show it.

Enslaved is been a project that I am very proud of. Stylistically It's a great Game.
We were the first in a Game to use the idea of ​​a post apocalyptic world where nature comes back and take over the entire city.
After Enslaved many other popular games have used this idea and have been a source of inspiration for them makes me proud of the work I have done.

Earlier concept of Monkey with Andy Serkis face

This was an idea for last chapter of the game.
I loved the idea on making a huge ornate palace with two huge robots to guard the front door.
In the end, for time reasons and on the suggestion of Alex Garland, we made The pyramid

Monkey Bike concept


This is a sketch for an illustration I wanted to do inspired by a Frazetta's painting.

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  1. You're right, it's quite obvious that The Last of Us was inspired by Enslaved's post-apocalyptic world being absorbed by mother nature and what a beautiful world it was. A gorgeous, surreal and other-worldly place to experience, one I will not forget. I wish Enslaved became a movie, I'm sure Andy Serkis would agree to that.