Saturday, 20 November 2010


I am very proud that Enaslaved has been nominated for Inside Gaming awards!
BEST ART DIRECTION, best narrative and best original score.


  1. I've discovered your blog on Barbucci's blog. I have to tell you that, I'm not a player of any videogame, but I'm allways on the knowledge of them, couse I love the art behind videogames. When I saw Enslaved I thought that it would be the perfect world that anyone could ever create. I love this sci-fi apocaliptic world with oxide in every piece of iron and metal, and those "neo punks hippies" characters. what I also like on this is your way to see the coloring, everything is mixed in a so colorful stuff and root and metalic colors. Amazing! I have nothing ellse to say

  2. Thank you very much! I like your comment :-)
    I am a big fun of 80's european comics (Moebius, Bilal,Gimenez...) where shaps are very organic, pips,rust,round lines and I wanted to create a world with all this elements.
    I am happy you guys like the direction is been taken.

  3. Hello,
    I'm playing these days enslaved for ps3 and it's almost finished ( chapter 12 now), I'm enjoying so much the game, the story....... and I LOVE the ART. I liked so much heavenly sword and I was expecting another great title from Ninja Theory but this is far better than I thought. I love the environments full of vivid colours ( unusual using unreal), the mechs designs, main deserve that award!
    I found this blog because I missed the collector's edition and I don't stop looking for news about a full artbook coming soon. Any idea?

  4. Unfortunately, untill now, Namco has no plans to publish a full art book so I have decided my self to collect concepts of Heavenly Sword, Enslaved and personal art works in personal artbook maybe called "talexi's world"
    I am looking for a publisher right now :-)

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  6. Hi again, I finished recently the game and I can only say that you did it again, being heavenly sword one of my favs in this gen, enslaved is now in that collection too. The ending was surprising. I'm curious about the original story and I'm going to read it when I find a moment. Did you read it?
    Did someone tell you about what kind of concepts they wanted or you got freedom to show your ideas? It must be amazing working on such project.
    I missed some art galleries like in HS :( so I'm waiting for that "talexi's world" ;)
    BTW, Merry Christmas!