About Me

I am Visual Art Director of the Game Developer studio Ninja Theory.
I have been working on Games like HEAVENLY SWORD, ENSLAVED and DMC.
I am also an illustrator working with publishers such Random House and Bloomsbury.


  1. Hey, Alessandro! Given that Enslaved's about to drop on Steam and I'll be buying the game again soon, just thought I'd drop by and say thanks for all the amazing art you've produced over the years. It's appreciated!

  2. http://corneaandrei.deviantart.com/gallery/ what do you think? any advice? i don't do digital... only traditional.... looking for a job or colaboration in the industry.... so any advice not involving me working with a tablet? undone by location... the poor side of Romania, the poor side of Europe. love the work you did on the sword.... fantastic game all around. the amount of care and detail you guys put into it... would have loved to see such care and attention given to other titles... but the big firms today are greedy and stingy... to much compromise and not enough investment in quality. anyway... any thoughts and advice?

  3. Hi Alessandro, my name is Chris Pannill and I am a digital animation and game design student at Ferris State University in Big Rapids Michigan. I am contacting you because I'm interested in your work. And I was just wondering if perhaps I could ask you a few questions about your job and how you got where you are.